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  • Insight into BG Group’s Operational ExcellenceInsight into BG Group’s Operational Excellence
    We spoke with Iain Shaw, General Manager Production Operations and Rik Evans, Group Process Owner Integrated Planning to find out more about their operational excellence programme at BG Group and how they are fostering a culture of operational excellence within the organisation.


  • [Infographic] An OpEx Roadmap to Success in Oil & Gas[Infographic] An OpEx Roadmap to Success in Oil & Gas
    Now is the time to rejuvenate the oil and gas through operational excellence (OpEx).Surviving in the market today demands more than reducing costs, eliminating efficiencies and maximising processes. An OpEx strategic plan of action is needed in order to sustainably achieve these goals. Only when companies align strategy with OpEx can they accomplish industry-leading performance in this difficult market.

    Ahead of the exclusive Operational Excellence in Oil & Gas Roundtables event in Aberdeen (22 - 24 February, 2016), we've created an interactive infographic to give you a real taste of what these OpEx expert-led sessions entail and give you a sneak peak of who our 8 confirmed Roundtable Discussion Leaders are - which include representatives from E.ON, BG Group, Petrofac.

    Have your say, learn from your peers, and address your most pressing questions directly to our panel of roundtable discussion leaders. But hurry, places are limited to 60 attendees!

    >>> To Download a Printable Version of the Infographic > CLICK HERE


  • eBook: 7 Operational Excellence Programs in Oil and Gas companieseBook: 7 Operational Excellence Programs in Oil and Gas companies
    Given the current market conditions Oil and Gas companies are looking to adapt their OE programs, this eBook tells of 7 examples of OE programs with the Oil and Gas Industry.

    Oil and Gas companies have always had to keep a firm eye on how they do what they do. The CEO of Norwegian oil and gas company Statoil states that "at Statoil, the way we deliver is as important as what we deliver.”
  • 3 Quick Ways to Integrate OpEx Best Practice in Oil & Gas3 Quick Ways to Integrate OpEx Best Practice in Oil & Gas
    The cost of extraction in the North Sea is one of the highest globally, now with diminishing resources and the current oil price; companies in this region are facing an uncertain future if they don’t act now. Analysts have even warned that investment in North Sea oil exploration has all but dried up, threatening the entire industry. Organisations are striving to boost their Operational Excellence measures to become more flexible and adaptable in an effort to unlock new opportunities to cope with the lower oil prices.

    This paper seeks to highlight three key easy practices you should be implementing on your continuous improvement journey to improve efficiency and reduce costs, while maintaining the safety, quality and integrity of your assets and operations.



  • Operations Management Systems: Stripping out the ComplexityOperations Management Systems: Stripping out the Complexity
    As operations become more complex it is evermore important that companies are planning, executing and operating with greater reliability. The article strips out the complexity behind operations management systems, explaining implementation and how to get it right. 


  • 3 Stages to Gaining BPM Buy-In Within your Company 3 Stages to Gaining BPM Buy-In Within your Company
    In order to achieve a truly successful BPM roll-out, buy-in is required. Executives, department heads and lower-level members of staff all need to be confident in the platform, and the new processes that come with it.

    Here are some key steps you can take to ensure you achieve the buy-in that will make your BPM roll-out that much easier.

  • Five good reasons why oil and gas needs Process ExcellenceFive good reasons why oil and gas needs Process Excellence
    In this piece, we take a look at why the challenges of the 21st century global oil and gas industry are best faced by a lean six sigma-focused mindset.