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Conference Day 1 - 23rd February 2016

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  • Recognising the need for transformation in your operational excellence strategy and pinpointing the best action to take
  • Tailoring your operational excellence transformation to deliver company strategy in a changing environment
  • Developing improvement processes and operational excellence despite changing conditions and goals
  • Steps to eliminate inefficiencies in production to reduce loss and enhance profit
  • Aligning business strategy with operations to achieve integrated operational excellence

 Iain Shaw
Iain Shaw
General Manager Production Operations
BG Group

9:40 Driving operational excellence through leadership to gain maximised results

Patrick Schiele , Vice President Global Operations, GE Oil and Gas

  • Leading your team towards achieving operational excellence across the organisation
  • Securing buy-in from the organisation’s leaders in the right way to secure a top-down approach to operational excellence
  • Championing operational excellence through sustainable leadership
  • Actively removing barriers in the way of reaching operational excellence
  • What leaders need to know about operational excellence in order to be effective at leading improvements in their businesses

 Patrick Schiele
Patrick Schiele
Vice President Global Operations
GE Oil and Gas
A structured networking exercise to maximise your opportunity to make those invaluable conference connections with your operational excellence peers and suppliers.

You will get a card with a large number on one side and 3 – 4 smaller numbers on the other side. Your mission will be to find people who have the corresponding 3 or 4 numbers on their cards and ask them their name, company and one industry related question. Once you have all your numbers you can shout “BINGO” and hand in your card to be in the running to win a mystery prize…

10:40 Developing a culture of continuous operational excellence to ensure sustainable results

David Millar , Business Performance Manager & Deputy Business Manager, Wood Group

  • Implementing continuous improvement to sustain ultimate efficiency
  • Developing leaders to embrace operational excellence in order to drive change and improvement
  • Pushing a culture of high performance and productivity whilst reducing costs to achieve complete operational excellence
  • Embedding cultural changes to prevent a reversion to previous methods
  • Ensuring long term goals are realised and achieved by all components of the company
  • Gaining the support of top management to continue driving a culture of operational excellence

 David Millar
David Millar
Business Performance Manager & Deputy Business Manager
Wood Group
Delegates will be sorted into groups. Across the two days they will get the opportunity to visit every roundtable discussing hot topics. These exciting roundtables will continue on Day 2 when all the delegates will swap topics, giving you the chance to participate in all the discussions.

Each table will sit between 8-10 participants to facilitate a healthy and engaging discussion. Please see below for the full list of roundtable topics.

Delegates will participate in the next roundtables within their Day 1 group. Please see below for the full list of roundtable topics.
  • Linking operational management systems to day-to-day processes to avoid incidents and shutdowns
  • Connecting management systems to the operational reality of the plant to make operational risk mitigation an integral way of achieving efficient and effective operations
  • Establishing expectations and necessities for business units and leaders to manage, prioritize and continuously improve operational excellence
  • Integrating knowledge management into the enterprise to avoid informational silos

Peter Orbell
Head of Operations and Maintenance Function

14:50 Utilising operational excellence to accomplish optimal production levels and cut downtime

Christopher Petrovski , Operations Manager, Maersk Oil

  • Utilising lean processes to preserve value whilst reducing downtime  for maximised operational excellence
  • Using BPM to understand, engineer and analyse processes for enhanced operational excellence
  • Defining the responsibilities of the process owners across the company to establish clear goals in achieving operational excellence
  • Removing processes which do not deliver optimal results and finding the correct processes to replace them with

Christopher Petrovski
Operations Manager
Maersk Oil
  • End-to-end operational excellence to enhance project performance and minimise risk across the supply chain
  • Overcoming challenges in achieving operational excellence in a complex supply chain environment through enhanced communications
  • Collaborating with contractors to reach the shared goal of operational excellence
  • Reducing the business process excellence "disconnect" between suppliers and production companies
  • Incorporating continuous improvement into complex supply chain settings

Delegates will participate in the third roundtable within their Day 1 group. Please see below for the full list of roundtable topics.
Delegates will participate in the fourth roundtable within their Day 1 group. Please see below for the full list of roundtable topics.