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 György Pasztelyak
György Pasztelyak Head of IS Proccess Management E.ON

Roundtable Discussions

12:00 AM Using BPM and data analytics to overcome challenges to achieving operational excellence

  • Implementing a systematic approach to making your organisation’s workflow more effective and efficient
  • Using BPM to reduce human error and miscommunication in order to increase production
  • Data reliability and expertise requirements for BPM in order to get the most out of your system
  • Understanding metrics for BPM to fully measure the success of your model
  • Update and facilitate maintenance, repairs and inspections using BPM to help avoid pipeline failures and increase operational excellence

Conference Day 2 - 24th February 2016

3:00 PM Improving operational excellence with big data in oil and gas

  • Establishing the best applications of big data to produce the most value for your company in achieving operational excellence
  • Using diagnostic and predictive analytics to curb the rate of incidents and reduce downtime
  • Reducing process breakdown and inefficiency through data analytics
  • Significantly reduce time spent analysing data to improve efficiency
  • Overcoming data silos through standardisation processes to avoid loss of data