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Roundtable session 1
Making operational excellence part of your organisational ethos during challenging market conditions

David Millar , Business Performance Manager & Deputy Business Manager, Wood Group

  • Creating a sustainable continuous improvement framework that can withstand changing conditions to improve reliability and operability
  • How to convert business values, strategies and policies into action to achieve real results
  • Deciding whether centralised or localised continuous improvement programmes will deliver the best operational excellence
  • Implementing structures to monitor and measure operational excellence
  • Gaining buy-in from top level management to secure the implementation of operational excellence
  • How to ensure long-lasting improvements which will prevent a reversion to previous methods

 David Millar
David Millar
Business Performance Manager & Deputy Business Manager
Wood Group
  • Aligning business strategy with operations to create a clear path to operational excellence
  • How to put the theory of operational excellence into practice to achieve business benefits fast
  • Implementing long-term strategy through your daily operations to achieve operational excellence
  • Create an action plan to entrench the transformed organisation with operational excellence values
  • Implementing change with minimal disruption to existing business to avoid inefficiency

Roundtable session 3
Effecting changes in leadership thinking and behaviours to effectively embrace operational excellence

Rik Evans , Group Process Owner Integrated Planning, BG Group

  • How changes in leadership thinking and behaviours can help you reach your goal of operational excellence
  • Identifying the important management hurdles and beliefs that can inhibit improvement
  • Steps required to overcome barriers for a unified leadership focused on the goal of operational excellence
  • Creating a clear strategy for implementing process efficiency throughout the company
  • What leaders need to know in order to implement an effective improvement to the business

Rik Evans
Group Process Owner Integrated Planning
BG Group
  • The impact of human performance and culture on the ability of an organisation to create operational agility
  • Creating superior strategic, competitive and operational value through speed, flexibility and cross-purpose adaptability
  • Using intra-industry and cross-industry benchmarking to decipher the best processes available
  • Ensuring processes are adaptable to a fluid environment to guarantee continuous improvement
  • Designing operational procedures which are transferable, reflect long-term goals, and are capable of changing to ensure operational excellence in the long term

Roundtable session 5
Generating value by continuously improving global operations and processes

Iain Shaw , General Manager Production Operations, BG Group

  • Fostering collaboration between locations to ensure a coherent and consistent process excellence program
  • Overcoming cultural and geographic challenges when governing a global program to ensure continuous improvement
  • Identifying the best operations processes to be rolled out across the organisation to replicate success
  • Ensuring the right talent is in the right place to drive process excellence
  • Overcoming functional silos to achieve real collaboration and improve operational efficiency

 Iain Shaw
Iain Shaw
General Manager Production Operations
BG Group
  • Increasing reliability and uptime of assets to deliver improved performance excellence
  • Achieving maximum production by increasing the robustness of operations through continuous processes
  • Using performance and risk management to aid asset management and improve operational excellence
  • Maximising asset lifetime through improved maintenance and operational excellence
  • Operating at the ideal production level to generate maximum profit and avoid waste
  • Identifying bottlenecks which hinder production levels to improve efficiency and enable operational excellence

Roundtable session 7
Achieving operational excellence in the North Sea despite challenging conditions

Shaun Dewar , Operations Manager, EnQuest

  • What are the particular challenges faced by operators in the North Sea?
  • Maintaining quality and safety despite stringent cost-control to avoid waste
  • Using operational excellence in the context of an uncertain future in the North Sea to avoid incurring unnecessary costs
  • Preparing for a sustained period of low oil prices in the North Sea by prioritising operational excellence

 Shaun Dewar
Shaun Dewar
Operations Manager

Roundtable session 8
Using BPM and data analytics to overcome challenges to achieving operational excellence

György Pasztelyak , Head of IS Proccess Management, E.ON

  • Implementing a systematic approach to making your organisation’s workflow more effective and efficient
  • Using BPM to reduce human error and miscommunication in order to increase production
  • Data reliability and expertise requirements for BPM in order to get the most out of your system
  • Understanding metrics for BPM to fully measure the success of your model
  • Update and facilitate maintenance, repairs and inspections using BPM to help avoid pipeline failures and increase operational excellence

 György Pasztelyak
György Pasztelyak
Head of IS Proccess Management