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The DDC Group

The DDC Group is a global outsourcing organisation employing 3,500 knowledge workers. It works in a broad range of disciplines in the business information, oil & gas, scholarly publication, freight, public sector, retail and other markets.

DDC provides a variety of KNOWLEDGE PROCESS services based around automated and manual data capture components in hybrid onshore-offshore solutions. New sectors or niche KPO applications are easily addressed due not just to our experience but also to the diversity, quality and can-do attitude of knowledge workers at our outsourcing facilities in the Philippines

Sharecat Solutions

Sharecat Solutions provide solutions and services to manage information in Operations and Projects. 
Sharecat Solutions have been proven on projects and modifications for many years with a reputation for high quality delivery. All our solutions are cloud based and easy accessible for all involved parties.

The SHAREcat Material and Asset offers Improve Programs to analyse and improve data such as TAG-, DOCUMENT-, EQUIPMENT-, SPARE PARTS data in addition to X-ref data linking information together all in one solution. The SHAREcat Catalogue holds information from more than 2500 vendors, and used to validate and enhance information.

SHAREcat Information Management offers Capture and Collaboration Solution as an industry designed solution for capture, processing and structuring both DOCUMENT and TAG data, all organised under the same asset-/project specific structure.

SHAREcat has over the years been used by 20+ major oil & gas operators and 30+ major capital offshore oil & gas projects. More than 500 different EPC’s and package suppliers worldwide have been supplying information for more than 100 operating assets through our solutions.


IHS has years of experience in setting up some of the world’s leading Operational Excellence Management Systems - developing the appropriate workflows and templates to underpin your Operational Excellence elements and fostering the overarching objective of continuous improvement.

IHS software covers a wide range of elements of your operational excellence strategy. Our solutions become the foundation of your integrated management system, and our experts enable you to improve operational efficiency with standard business processes and disciplined process execution.

Operational Excellence-enabled Workflows:
• Risk Assessment
• Incident Management
• Management of Change
• Compliance Assurance
• Environmental Performance
• Chemical Management
• Product Compliance
• Maintenance, Repair and Operations